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We heard, but never thought that it could be this soon…yeps, the dream is coming true as the coveted  Zoo Brazil, a.k.a John Andersson, is finally coming to Denmark presented by Emotive Sounds… so Ladies and gents, let’s put our hands together and welcome one of the coolest DJs of our time into the city of Copenhagen!
Forget about all the hangs from Halloween you’re still recovering from and get ready to get messy once again this Friday at the hottest event of November as our favorite DJ from the neighboring country of Sweden hits up Copenhagen’s very own Culture Box.


Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why this Friday at Culture Box is going to be hot, hotter and hot-est!


Mr. Zoo Brazil,  is a well known and respected name in the electronic music industry as both a producer and a DJ. With over 160 singles and 8 albums to his name he has worked hard to establish himself and has managed to carve out a permanent reputation as one of the most innovative names in the genre- a real must see.


The multi-talent’s long career is filled with several, ambitious and exciting projects, from working with artists such as the lovely Kylie Minogue, Lana del Rey and Pleasurekraft, to producing numbers for several hit TV shows such as Nip/Tuck. Andersson has now been now producing under the nomikor Zoo Brazil for 15 years.


What sets Zoo Brazil truly apart is his obvious passion, appearant in all of his projects, as the artist states “It has always been about the music, the feeling and emotion it gives me”.


That’s what we’re talking about and that is what this Friday is all about- showing that raw emotion and conveying it through our common love for spectacular music!


So if you ever are down to celebrate, experience and contribute to the society of Copenhagen’s craziest party-monkeys of the year, be émotive, get ready to get busy shaking them money makers, cause SH**t are about to go down! All you need to do is make sure to show up this Friday, November 7th at Culture Box as Emotive presents Zoo Brazil and see them miracles happen…


See you there..


Checkout ZB’s video trilogy Desert Girls featuring some riveting tunes from his latest album Any Moment Now:




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