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What we learned about AW’15 at Copenhagen Fashion Week!

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Today is exactly 7days since Copenhagen Fashion week and Copenhagen Fashion Fair closed the doors of what was a 5days Fashion event as a part of the first fashion week of 2015, showcasing what’s going to lead trends and fashion market of Fall/Winter 2015.

So, whilst wondering why this article coming a bit late, Copenhype was there all along. So, let’s cut to the chase and tell you all about CPH FW AW’15.

As you all know it can never be Danish or Scandinavian fashion event for that sake without designers competing for who did the most black dresses or who had the darkest fashion runway, in which i frankly speaking find so boring and extremely depressing. Of course black and grey are hell of good colours, my only question to all them designers is just: Are you freaking for REAL? Gyesss!

Any-whooo, now that I’ve expressed my points of views upon Scandinavian fashion designs, lets get back to business and redirect our focus on CPH Fashion Week A/W’15.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 03.14.52

Maikel Tawadros

Speaking of B L A C K, let’s start with our friend and one of my obsessions Mr. Maikel Tawadros. Forget about the SS’15, where Maikel Tawadros’ collection gave us a kinda of a city girl trying to have fun in sneaks and cute jupes, pants, tights in white, shinny black and very light grey with super hot tops and blue fur look-a-like details.
This Fall/Winter, he is using more of museum-white-colour (white crème color) instead of the usual pure white. And in order to bringing his game up to even a higher lever, Mr. Tawadros twisted every piece of his collection with black nets fabrics, making them give us a dramatic S&M look-ish but still too Scandinavian to go wrong. For instance: the nipples show-er tops, the dark front open mini-skirt, the fur-vest etc. Gyeseoouusss, I am in L.O.V.E.
And yes, if you don’t believe me, check out these pics and the video below!

Maikel Tawadros 01 Maikel Tawadros 02 Maikel Tawadros 03

 Asger Juel Larsen

There is no way we can talk about CPH FW without mentioning the danish born designer, Mr. Asger Juel Larsen who is one of the reasons why every foreigner is turning eyes to DK, wondering what this country feed their kids in the name of creativity – Let’s just say that whatever it is Asger Juel Larsen must have had lots of them and he is giving back like nobody’s business.
Checkout these To-Die-For jackets… #OBSESSION

Asger Juel Larsen 01 Asger Juel Larsen 02 Asger Juel Larsen 03

Barbara I Gongini

Back to Black on Black, I’ve never seen anything that seem to never change, cause no matter how i try to hate on them the more my love to Barbara I Gongini seem to overcome me. It’s always look-a-like, darky, blacky, nighty, evil, trashy, weird, ghosty in every language and somehow I feel like I wanna live in their showroom.
Take a sip on wha Barbara I Gongini AW’15 is all about :

Barbara I Gongini 02 Barbara I Gongini 04 Barbara I Gongini 05

Designers’ Nest

Another show that gave me #Lyfe was Designers’Nest! And since I am still speechless I am just going to express my feelings through these #-tags: #Creativity, #ThinkingOutOfTheBox, #Colours #Art. Got it??

Designers’ Nest 01 Designers’ Nest 02 Designers’ Nest 03


If you remember, Herniksilvius debuted his first time ever show at CPH Fashion Week with his SS’5 last summer. I’d like to think that the story and inspiration behind the runway show was based on marine soldiers, showcasing them all in-white tight muscled waw ball-ed underwear, or as I like to call them, the Under-underwears.
For A/W’15, He is still doinn-it, giving us kinda hard-labour workerwear, preparing every man-candy to hold on to them tights and cover them with jumpers, high-waisted pants which I am in love with and them sweatshrits. Yeahs-ma’m it’s #Fab, #art #creative and it’s #MenAtWork


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