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Copenhagen young local designers are the new #black, just FYI!

At CopenHype we are obsessed with them cool, new, skilled, fabulous and hyper-creative designers! And you would be surprised by how many designers, wannabes, fashionistas and those who’d rather die trying, if you don’t know much about Copenhagen. The only questions can only be: who’s in and who’s out? Who got it and who doesn’t?

That’s why we’ve decided to do research about what’s what, who’s who and of course what’s HOT in this wonderful city of ours!

Check out this little A&Q tea-chat our beloved stylist & Fashion designer student Domantas Smaizys had with designer, Maikel Tawadros for a couple weeks ago.

Q. What is your responsibility in the company?
A. Creative director and owner

Q. When and why did you start your line/first collection?
A. I started officially in august 2012 because I wanted to create my own designs and express myself. I felt like there was something missing in the Scandinavian market.

Q. Describe your designs in max 5 words.
A. Minimal, sharp, avant-garde, dark & gloomy, exclusive

Q. What is your inspiration to start building new collections?
A. Most of the time anatomy and time periods inspire me a lot.

Q. How should a person wearing your clothes feel?
A. The person should feel special, unique and exclusive when wearing my clothes.

Q. Which one is your favourite fashion designer?
A. Haider Ackermann is my favourite fashion designer

Q. Since Denmark is the happiest country in the world, who makes you feel happy?
A. My dog Muffin, family and friends.

Check out these SS15 runway pictures and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Maikel Tawadros SS15 05

Maikel Tawadros SS15 02

Maikel Tawadros SS15 08

Maikel Tawadros SS15 01

Maikel Tawadros SS15 06

Maikel Tawadros SS15 04

Maikel Tawadros SS15 03For more info go to:


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