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Old Fashioned

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Old Fashioned

“Excellent quality product that’s always different and unique!”

Don’t know if you’ve heard but Denmark has a new #banging clothing brand! Yeaahsss, I am talking about Old Fashioned!

Old Fashioned was created in 2013 by two longtime friends, Vladimir who’s a tailor from Copenhagen and has worked in retail for many years, and his partner Arjun, who comes from a family whose generation go back in clothes manufacturing business.

In our little chat with one of them hunks that created Old Fashioned, Mr. Vladmir, he told us, that their clothes are mostly for young and edgy guys who are not afraid to show their identity by tattoos on their body or by cool prints on the clothes, as well as those who are aware of a classical style and are comfortably enough to mix it with street-style.

He went on saying, “Old Fashioned has several meanings. It means being stylish and at the same time past oriented. It relates to the whole world of fashion that It’s all about being new, but also constantly looking backwards to the past. Old Fashioned is also a name for bourbon based cocktail for the real man, where professional bartenders around the world show off their skills by making this cocktail each in their own special way.”

So when you purchase Old Fashioned you are guaranteed an excellent quality product that’s always different and always unique.

Vladimir who expressed how busy they are working hard 24/7 to bring more cool and wow-ed pieces to the market also said, that they brought their first collection at Copenhagen fashion fair (CIFF Bella Center) in 2013, experiences that for the first time opened up doors to a few stores around the Denmark.

He continued saying that: “We’ve just received our third collection, which we are very excited about and have already received good feedback in the stores. In the collection we have put great focus on the contrast between black and white, which is very modern in fashion at present. Besides, we have a strong focus on the prints that reflects our brand; Vintage bar, barber and tailor. It is mixed together by our graphic designer and served in an Old Fashioned glass – shaken, not stirred.” Ups, SKÅL!

Old Fashioned key item is a figure of ‘Karl-Smart’, representing the modern man! He has big beard, his hands are covered in tattoos and people are just obsessed with him. Yeps, It’s all about Masculinity, Brutality, Style and last but not least it’s all about Class. Now, Can somebody say AMEN!

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Besides operating via its website www.oldfashioned.dk, Old Fashioned helped to start up a new store in the heart of Odense, AM: PM where you can find its entire collection as well as lots of other exciting fashionable things.

When asking about Old Fashioned further plan, Vladmir revealed that they are planning to open a store in Copenhagen, and that in they expect to collaborate with more stores across the country and ushering in more partying, in the upcoming year of 2015!

What can I say, Old Fashioned might be new to y’all, but it’s definitely here to stay, Yeaaahhhsss-Ma’m! :-)

For more info & all about the new collection, go to www.oldfashioned.dk

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By Olivierish@copenhype.dk 

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