Saturday @FindersKeepers Weekend Fair

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Once again www.finderskeepers.dk got to host its famous design fair at Tap 1 this past weekend, where many new upcoming designers and brand came to sell and showcase their products.

So in case you missed it CopenHype was present, checking out every thing closely and we are ready to spill the tea about the fair.

Despite the darky cold weather outside Tap 1, It was a cosy and nice fair that gathered many different types of merchandises of different kinds of design and art from clothes, shoes, books, paints, jewelleries and electric arts, ranging from a price of 50 to thousands of Danish Krone.

 There is no doubt that accessories, T-es and caps were the most cheapest and sold items at the venue, meaning that the parents got to buy their now-teens or trendy followers X-mass gifts while every girl went home with at least two pairs of earrings and a t-shirt for the boyfriend*.

So as we walked around observing the venue and shopping like everybody else, we are proudly to present you our top 3 brands with products we thought were cool-er, special and creative than the rest.

Check out the list below:

We fell in love with these dress/pull-overs by UY (www.by-uy.com), a Berlin based brand that makes hand made, cool, simple, affordable and unisex pieces such as these:



DSC05831 DSC05829


We can all thank Henry Rude (www.henryrude.com), a casual street wear brand based in Malmø that makes classic street wear using African printed fabrics for their garments, for coming to CPH, giving us opportunity to get African dressed-up without having to go through them online shopping difficulties.

We all know how these Africano-inspired prints have been every urban-street wear brands must-have lately, by being number one on every trendy-follower’s must buy list, from Rihanna to every kid on your block. The problem has though however been where to get them, and now we can give y’all the answer: #HenryRude.

Check-out what was left as we passed by Henry Rude’s stand Saturday late afternoon:


Another brand that we still can’t get over was Marrakshi Life, a Moroccan based brand with amazing avant-garde hand-woven clothing with a rough edge.

I was blown away and very obsessed with every single item of Marrakshi Life, and somehow i can’t get over the coolness, thinking-out-of-the-box and mind-blowing of one of the representer’s outfit.  Yeeaaahhhssss – Ma’m, It’s not everyday we get to see them hot, well dressed, self-confidence, and pulled together outfit beauties. Well done mamma, Bravo :-)

DSC05854 DSC05856


Finally i can’t finish without a shoutout to our friends, the guys from Old Fashioned (www.oldfashioned.dk) who attended the fair, selling and showcasing their products… yeaaahhhss, although they were too busy doing their thaaang i got to hang out with them, making troubles in their stand as if it was my personal fitting-room and somehow ended up going home with some of these cool tanks!



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